Documentary movie „IRKLAIS PER ATLANTA“ in Lisbon

Documentary movie „IRKLAIS PER ATLANTA“ in Lisbon © Organiz. 2024-03-01 21:23

A Lithuanian rows solo across the Atlantic Ocean for 8,500km in a small boat, commemorating pilots who attempted the journey 90 years prior. Despite intense preparation, he faces immense challenges crossing alone.
Movie with English subtitles.

Date: 2024 March 10th, 2024, movie starts at 11:00 (please don't be late)

Place: Cinema City (Sala 5), Centro Comercial do Campo Pequeno, Lisbon, Portugal (map)


- 15€ everyone from 12 years
- 7€ up to 11 years
- 0€ kids up to 4 years (if extra seats is not used)

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Documentary movie „IRKLAIS PER ATLANTA“

One man, one ocean, the story of a century... A true story about Aurimas Valujavicius, the first Lithuanian who, without anyone's help, embarked on one of the greatest adventures of his life - an 8,500 km journey across Atlantic ocean in the rowing boat "Lituanica", in order to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the flight of S. Darius and S. Girenas Atlantic ocean anniversary. Immerse yourself in loneliness and euphoria, pain and joy, anxiety and hope that the Atlantic Ocean will be rowed from continental Europe to continental North America and the coast of Miami will be reached victoriously. Only these thoughts have been in Aurimas head for several years, and he is going to the open ocean after more than two years of intense preparation for a historic and at the same time record-breaking trip. Physical preparation, psychological and sharp discipline and daily growing adrenaline due to the set goal, the atmosphere only heats up even more. Countless hours and days of work lead Aurimas to the long-awaited start of the trip, early on Christmas morning. His most important rule is to never stop paddling!

Author: Aurimas Valujavičius



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